Revlon Coral Berry vs. MAC Vegas Volt

A few weeks ago I picked up MAC Vegas Volt on a whim. I thought it would be fun to have a new bold coral lipstick for summer. However, when I tried it on at home I had a major “I’ve seen this tree before” moment that immediately sent me rifling through my collection in search of Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Coral Berry to compare.

R-L: Revlon Coral Berry, MAC Vegas Volt

A quick google search informed me that I was not alone in noticing the similarity. Several other bloggers have written posts claiming that Coral Berry is a dupe for Vegas Volt, annnnnd it’s even on Temptalia’s dupe list. So much for doing my research before buying. That said, I don’t totally regret buying VV. Though there is certainly a great deal of similarity between the two, there are enough differences for me to question whether to call them dupes. These are the key differences from where I’m sitting:

  • Color: Coral Berry has slightly more pink in it, while Vegas Volt is more orange/red.
  • Pigmentation: Vegas Volt is significantly more pigmented. No surprise, since it’s an amplified formula which is the most pigmented of all of MAC’s formulas.
  • Finish: Both impart a slight sheen. Coral Berry has a somewhat frosty cast on the lips, and also has very fine shimmers in it. Vegas Volt has absolutely no frost or shimmer.
  • Wear: Both are reasonably long wearing, but both also have a tendency to settle into the lines in my lips after awhile, even if I exfoliate and moisturize my lips before hand.

T-B: Coral Berry, Vegas Volt

L-R: Coral Berry, Vegas Volt


 To me, Coral Berry and Vegas Volt are too different to say that one is clearly better than the other. If you’re trying to decide which one to get, I think it’s down to personal taste. I prefer the slightly more punchy color and frost-free finish of Vegas Volt, but if you enjoy lipsticks that are a bit more subtle and have a tiny bit of shimmer to them definitely go with Coral Berry.

If you’re not finicky, by all means pick up Coral Berry. You can find it at drugstores for around $7 – $8, which is half the price of a MAC lipstick ($14.50.)

Please let me know what YOUR favorite coral shade it, I’d love some new ones to try.:)

  1. budziak said:

    Is Coral Berry drying or is it alright?

    • Honestly, on me both of them are slightly drying after a few hours of wear but I have very dry lips (gross) so I find most lipsticks to be drying. It’s on par with all of the other super lustrous lipsticks I have, so if you own any of them you can probably expect this to wear the same. In the scheme of all of the other lipsticks I own I wouldn’t say that it is particularly drying, but it certainly isn’t moisturizing either. Sorry I can’t give you a more clear cut answer.:-/

  2. crystal said:

    Is coral berry bright ? im looking for a light sheer colar of that.

    • Hi Crystal! Coral Berry is quite bright and I would not describe it as sheer, though I suppose you could pat it on lightly if you didn’t want full coverage. If you don’t mind lipgloss check out the Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Coral Reef–it is very similar in tone to Coral Berry and provides a nice amount of color but is still sheer.:)

  3. Amber said:

    I just bought Coralberry last week and I love it. I agree that it feels slightly drying after a few hours but I also have very dry lips. A little lick and they’re fine again. I think it’s a great spring color. I only paid $4.99 at Target.

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